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this site is about Nonprofit Consultancy services provided by Liza Baranyai and Gergő Schmidt.

Liza Baranyai and Gergő Schmidt have together 20 years of experience in nonprofit consultancy, with solid skills of individual fundraising worldwide and deep understanding of international movements, activism, voluntarism and engagement, experienced in Europe and Asia.


Comparative-Effectiveness-Research-1024x937Complex services
Fundraising and Growth:

  • Analysis of existing Fundraising Programs, providing advice on potential development growth and increase effectiveness
  • Developing 2-3-5 years Acquisition and Retention Fundraising Strategies of Individual Fundraising
  • Providing advice in Face to Face, TM, Online fundraising and Retention
  • Developing Engagement Strategy
  • Analyze new markets and develop market entry strategies for individual Fundraising

Volunteer management:

  • Analysis of Volunteer strategy, practices, providing advises for increase effectiveness
  • Developing Volunteer Strategy
  • Advice in non violent direct actions

Training, mentoring:

  • Provide training in: Fundraising Values/Basic, Digital Fundraising, Face to Face Fundraising, Telefundaising, Retention
  • Mentoring fundraising and volunteer management staff

Other services:

Provide advice on visibility, reporting, increasing effectiveness, general management, career pathways and staff recruitment.

Contact: liza.baranyai@gmail.com



Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Greenpeace Central Eastern Europe, Greenpeace East Asia, Greenpeace Czech Republic, Amnesty International Hungary, Habitat for Humanity Hungary, Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, Patent, Green politic party Foundation and many local NGOs in Hungary and Spain.

Worked in and for several countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hungary, Spain, Serbia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Australia.

Contact: liza.baranyai@gmail.com


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kanarisProfessional Non-profit Consultant and Fundraising leader with expertise in:

  • 15 years of professional work experience of fundraising, including a 8.5  years in international fundraising at Greenpeace and Amnesty International, Oxfam in leadership and SMT.
  • Experience in supervising and supporting several countries at the same time (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Hungary, Italy)
  • Solid experiences in Fundraising and Growth Development at Central Eastern Europe/Hungary as FR director and in Southeast Asia as Deputy Fundraising Director, Italy as Head of Fundraising-
  • Fundraising experience in individual fundraising, acquisition and retention of monthly donors, and EU foundations.
  • Experience as Fundraising Consultant in Hungary, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Australia
  • Currently working at Oxfam Italy as Head of Fundraising, based in Florence, Italy

Experience in fundraising methods:

Solid experience in Face to Face Fundraising, Online and digital fundraising, Direct Mails, Direct Marketing, Telefundraising, Supporter service, Upgrade, Retention, Reactivation, Re-capture programs.

Oxfam Italy – Head of Fundraising (currently)
Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Thailand – Deputy Fundraising Director
Internmundo Nonprofit Consultancy – Founder
Greenpeace Central Eastern Europe, Hungary – Fundraising Director
Amesty International, Hungary – Interim Country Director, Fundraiser, Coach, Consultant
Kikoto Youth Cultural Association – Founder, Director
Work as Consultant: Habitat for Humanity, Amnesty, Greenpeace, Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, Patent, Green politic party Foundation and several local NGOs.

Contact: liza.baranyai@gmail.com

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Schmidt Gergő

Schmidt Gergő

Experienced Non-profit Consultant with expertise in: developing online and offline engagement and mobilization strategy and operational plans, fundraising, social media and trainings in different countries. In the last years I worked with NGOs like Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Habitat for Humanity, and local grassroots movements in Europe and Asia.

Currently Engagement and Activism Coordinator at Greenpeace Hungary

Greenpeace Central Eastern Europe, Hungary – Engagement and Activism Coordinator
Internmundo Nonprofit Consultancy – Founder
Amesty International, Hungary – Activism Coordinator
Work as Consultant: Habitat for Humanity, Amnesty, Greenpeace, Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, Patent, Green politic party Foundation.

Contact: eleskanyar@gmail.com, liza.baranyai@gmail.com

Please contact us if you need any help and support on mentioned topics.

Liza Baranyai and Gergo Schmidt